A special THANK YOU to our Understands community: Six years ago, we set out to develop a line of finely crafted, one-of-a-kind computer stands made from sustainable urban wood. Nobody said it would be easy; and, today, the Understands story ends. As you can imagine, working with urban wood is very labor intensive: from harvesting, selecting, transporting, milling, and drying the urban wood; to the skilled craftsmanship that magically transforms the urban wood into breathtaking works of art. In the end, the wood is sustainable, but our business model is not. However, the heart of Understands lives on. Heartwood Creations, the parent organization of Understands, is alive and well. Please visit heartwood.com to support the same team of skilled artisans who are redirecting their magic and love of woodworking to other finely crafted wooden products. May you always enjoy trees and the gifts they provide. March 9, 2020